Sunday, November 28, 2010

round one of the holidays

You've had your first Thanksgiving (delicious) and the Christmas tree is up and you love to look at those lights.  Today you reached up for the legs on your hanging jitterbug toy and grabbed it and would not let go.  I was hoping you would pull and realize that makes the toy vibrate, but I think that was a little too much to hope for on your first grab.  I was delighted that you just held onto his foot for so long.  You've been holding on to your lion with the rings and the rattle too, lifting him up sometimes.

You're so close to rolling over!  It's excruciating to see you on your side: so close yet so far.  You just hang out on your side for minutes at a time but you really don't seem to want to roll onto your stomach at all.  You're pretty good at rotating yourself 360 degrees on your play mat though.  I'm pretty impressed by your leg muscles!

Today your daddy was reading to you about table saws from a home improvement magazine and you loved it.  It's probably because you love anything he says or does for you.  I do too!  :D

Oh and just so you know: there are probably a million sandwich kisses in your future.  You're not allowed to ever stop liking them.

This was your first Thanksgiving dinner:

And here's you holding onto your toy for a long time:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

3 months

You turned 3 months old yesterday.  It really snuck up on me--so much so that I didn't realize the date until about 8pm.  I can't believe how fast you've grown.

I was hugging you yesterday and your dad remarked that you're almost half as tall as me.  (An exaggeration of course...but not by much.)

I can't believe how cool you are.  Yesterday you were in your swing for a while and when I walked up to you again after a few minutes, your face lit up completely.  You were so happy to see me and I was so happy that you were happy I shed a few tears.

Don't ever stop being awesome.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Clara enjoys staring at herself in the mirror and shrieking.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

you're growing too fast

I was reading an article in a baby magazine today about fetal movements.  They were talking about flips and kicks and all of this and I remembered when you were in my belly and moved around all the time and I started to cry.  I miss you being so close.  Of course, the smiles and the laughs are wonderful--but feeling your every movement inside of me was wonderful too.  Every day you get bigger and bigger and it just reminds me that someday you'll be so big you'll have to go out on your own and I almost don't want that to ever happen.

You're the sweetest, Clara-beara.  I love you a million.