Friday, January 21, 2011

things we love about you (so far)

  • When you figure out exactly how your toys work and you start actually using them regularly instead of accidentally.
  • That you get such a kick out of seeing yourself in the mirror.
  • How excited you get when we walk into the room and shoot a smile in your direction.
  • When I wake up to the sounds of you sucking on your fingers and blowing raspberries.
  • How sometimes you get one little big toe out of your footie pajamas and it is so tiny and chubby.
  • That you love sitting in your exersaucer at the front door and looking out the window at the cars that pass and the mailman.
  • How you love to hold onto your toes when you're on your back.
  • How you have become such an expert at rolling over that I really shouldn't even bother putting you on your back anymore.
  • That you chuckle and grin every time I tickle your face with my hair.
  • That you've taken a liking to sitting and standing and now sometimes they are the only things you want to do (with our help).
  • How much you love sitting in your little red baby chair and playing with the tray toy.
  • That you can fall asleep pretty much anywhere and in any position but as soon as you are moved you wail as if being put in a more comfortable place was the worst thing we ever could have done to you.
  • That you still like the Christmas tree lights being on as much as your mommy does, no matter what your daddy thinks.
  • When you are on the verge of crying but end up laughing instead.
  • When you make grumpy face.
  • How you can make us happy, any place, any time.