Thursday, June 24, 2010

hey hey

Dear Little Lady,

You move around like a nut!  Seriously.  Are you a nut?  I think you might be a nut.

It's kind of cool that you let me know you're alright in there but sometimes I must feels weird.  I can't say I ever really wanted to know how a massage of my innards felt.

Enjoy it now, though, because I hear in the next few weeks space is going to come at a premium what with your getting chubby and all.

But don't worry!  You'll be out and free in two months!

--The Lady Growing You

Saturday, June 19, 2010


I'll spare you the details of the weird gross stuff happening to my body and just show you one of the slightly weird, interesting things:

My usual Summer freckles multiplied!  I've never had so many freckles before.  WEIRD.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

status of the pregnant lady

This is what it's like to be me these days:
  • I get headaches a lot.  They suck.  I don't like taking pills for them so I am just kinda cranky very often.
  • It's hard to get out of bed.  I have to roll out.  It's a pain.  Especially since...
  • I'm constantly peeing.  Three times plus every night.
  • And this little girl moves around a lot.  So sometimes I think everything's cool and then she kicks and OHMYGOD I have to go to the restroom.
  • It's getting hot and I'm pretty uncomfortable already.  Oh dear this does not bode well.  Curse you, Bakersfield!
  • I'm still surprised that no strangers have commented on my belly.  Not even my regular cashiers at the grocery store.  Maybe people don't do that anymore?
  • My belly muscles are sore.  Movement requires lots of forethought.
  • I get so tired so easily.  I don't even know what I possibly did yesterday but I woke up today with a sore left thigh.

But there's a baby at the end of this!  And I can already feel she's gonna be awesome!  :D