Friday, September 24, 2010

Almost 6 weeks old!

It's been a while since I've updated, but life with a baby is a bit hectic--please forgive me.

This is what has been up!
- Clara gained almost three pounds in 5 weeks.  On Monday she weighed 8 pounds 11 ounces.  Un-freakin'-believable.
- When she was born, her pinky fingernail was the size of a sesame seed.  It's a lot bigger now!
- I have become much more closely acquainted with bodily fluids of all sorts.  This is not exactly pleasant, but I am glad the projectile vomiting only happened thrice so far.
- Our experiences with pee, however, seem to be much more frequent.
- When she smiles and holds her head up, I am the happiest mom.
- We finally seem to be getting into our groove around here.  Diaper change, eat, play, sleep.  Repeat.  Repeat.
- When Clara sleeps I cook and try to try to clean.
- Daddy helps with feedings all the time.  He's especially good at giving her tummy time on his chest.  It's the cutest thing in the world to see!
- Swaddling has saved us.  She sleeps so well in a swaddle!  We didn't have a proper swaddle blanket but my husband invented an awesome double swaddle with two smaller blankets that is working wonderfully!

On the post-partum side:
- My pre-pregnancy jeans are too big now.  You think I'd be happy about this but mostly I'm annoyed that I need to buy new pants.
- No more pains or bleeding!  I feel right as rain.
- I've got some hormones making me a little extra emotional right now, but I'm sure that will pass soon.

Things are good.  There are challenges, but we're getting through them okay.  Everything seems to be getting better.

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