Tuesday, June 7, 2011

my chubby barefoot girl

Toys of the Week:
  • A straw, for chewing on.
  • An old cell phone, for banging against the fireplace grate.
  • TV remotes, the old standby.
New Tricks:
  • One handed clapping.
  • High fives, or co-op clapping, as she probably thinks of it.
  • Clapping while standing.
  • Getting stuck under and inside of chairs but finding her way out eventually.
  • Will nap four times longer in her crib than in her swing.
  • Can only be expected to get 1/5 of the rice into her mouth.
  • Really really loves the illest dance beats.
  • Thinks scaring the crap out of her parents by trying to lunge off the bed is hilarious.
  • Doesn't really feel much like saying words, so chill yo ass.
  • 21 pounds of chubby cuteness.
  • Not going to sit still for longer than five minutes: no way, no how.
  • Laughs the hardest at her dad's silly voices.
  • My favorite baby.

1 comment:

  1. Love it! Chloe actually managed to fling herself off our bed with me sitting in FRONT of her at the edge, and Jon standing in front of me. Oy vey. Child is determined.