Friday, September 2, 2011


My little tiny baby is ONE. She is walking. She is eating people food and no longer on formula, ditched bottles. She can hardly be called a baby anymore.

She feeds herself, likes to laugh as if she is in on the joke, and can dance a mean jig.

If I start writing too much about what she means to me I will certainly cry so let's keep it light.

Toys of the Week:
  • Cozy Coupe
  • Excedrin Box from Costco
  • Pink Truck & Mega Blocks
  • Daddy's LPs, CDs, and floppys
  • Panda wallet
New Tricks:
  • The almost-run
  • Holding stuff while walking
  • Dancing on command
  • Pushing around the Cozy Coupe and then using it to climb things
  • Not too keen on saying words.
  • Crazy about the dog and cat.
  • A great eater.
  • Fascinated by Mommy's art supplies.
  • Hates being put to sleep.
Family Portrait

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