Monday, July 26, 2010

Everything's coming up Milhouse!

So much done today!

I got up early and heading shopping.  We just needed a few more essentials to be ready in case you come any day now.  So I trekked out to a bunch of stores and compared and bought things!  It wasn't much, but I'm telling ya: having baby powder in the house makes me feel so much better.

I've got what I need to diaper you and clean you and clothe you and feed you and help you sleep.  Tomorrow we're picking up your pack n' play with the bassinet and we will be SET.


We saw the lovely doctor.  He checked out your heartbeat and you sound like a champ.  Everything looks great and he even thinks you are head-down!  I was SO happy to hear that!  I want to bring you into the world as naturally as possible and I'm so glad you're cooperating!


Your dad and I went on a date to the dollar theater.  You kicked your way right through The A-Team.


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