Monday, July 12, 2010


Hey Little Lady,

The first time I heard that babies got hiccups in the womb I was astounded.  I could not wait to feel you have some!

You sure took your time though.  Seems like every other pregnant lady I know was feeling them months ago.  I started wondering how I would even differentiate your hiccups from other movements...thought maybe I was just dense and I'd never know...

But you totally came through for me!  I'll never forget that moment a couple of days ago when I felt a little bump inside...and then a few seconds later another bump in the exact same spot...and then again.  OF COURSE that's what hiccups would feel like.  Of course!

It was especially cool when your dad got to feel them the next day too.

We're waiting for you excitedly!

The Lady You Live Inside

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